John Deere 6140M AutoPowr: No gears, but twin turbos

For those not familiar with Deere’s four-pot 6M, there is a quartet of short-wheelbase models, with rated power ranging from 90-120hp. There are also two models with a longer wheelbase, the 6130M and 6140M, and it's the latter that appears here as the subject of our tractor test

by Hubert Wilmer

28 Nov 2021

Compared with the 6120M (see profi 9/2020), the 6140M not only has an 18cm longer wheelbase but a higher bonnet under which hides the twinturbo version of the 4.5-litre, four-cylinder PowerTech engine. This PSS motor boasts an extra 20hp compared with the single-turbo EWL in the 120.