John Deere 6155R: Pitched perfect … almost

The contractor owner of our long-term 6155R has a history with John Deere stretching back more than a decade. Does this mean he bleeds green blood and wouldn’t even entertain running another colour? Not quite. While his 2,882-hour, 17-plate example has been pretty much problem-free, he’s happy to admit the tractor still has its faults

16 Mar 2020

Remember the John Deere 6930 of the late noughties … that pocket rocket of a tractor? It was Deere’s best seller in the UK and Ireland, and with good reason. Jack of all, master of plenty, it boasted 160hp while still weighing in at sub-7t, which meant its customer appeal was right across the board — enough muscle to make it the prime mover on a mid-sized farm, yet sufficiently nimble and manoeuvrable to suit it to fleet work for a contractor or larger agri business. Then, as the curtain came down on the noughties, the 6930 gave way to its natural successor, the R-cabbed 6150R. Which was duly followed in 2015 by the model featured here, the 155hp 6155R.