John Deere 7230R: Reliable Deere makes its mark in the Midlands

For a mid-sized mixed farm, high horsepower can't always be justified, and its primary workhorse needs to be nimble enough to perform a range of tasks. profi catches up with an operator whose John Deere 7230R has been a relatively problem-free hit since its arrival as the farm's all-rounder back in 2015

6 Apr 2020

The 7R series first graced UK shores in 2011, replacing the outgoing 7030 series with five models to offer buyers between 230hp and 310hp from a 9.0-litre, six-cylinder engine. There was a definite European influence in the design, as we discovered with our tractor test on a 7280R in the 06/2012 issue. But the first generation was also plagued with problems: check out our guide to buying a used model in the 11/2016 magazine.