Test index


There’s never a dull moment in farm machinery testing. We’re now up to around 12,000 published profi international pages, featuring:

  • Countless tractor tests
  • Practical tests
  • Driving impressions
  • Used machinery reviews
  • Technical and machinery management articles
  • Industry news from around the world.

As with our previous ten-year index, though, this booklet only lists:

  • Tractor tests (tt)
  • Longterm tests (lt)
  • Practical tests (pt)
  • Driving impressions (di)
  • Used machinery (um) articles

Because these are the items most commonly requested by readers when contacting us for equipment purchasing advice. Simply look up the machine/model in question, make a note of the issue date, and then rummage through your back copies to pick out the appropriate magazine. Of course, not every reader will have a complete 15-year backcatalogue. So, where this is the case, why not take advantage of our online archive service? Click through ‘Machine Tests’ and then on to ‘Archive’ – to access a comprehensive collection of past profi wisdom. There’s a charge for non-subscriber downloads, but for profi subscribers it’s absolutely free. While on the website, make sure you take advantage of the other services on offer such as the video library, buyers’ guides and forums. As you’ll no doubt now be aware, this little booklet acts as the passport to a continent of farm machinery knowledge. We hope you have a safe journey.

The profi international team