SIWI quick coupler: A hitch to rule them all?

Fieldwork often ties up two tractors where one could do the work, if it wasn’t for the business of hitching and unhitching. A pto shaft only adds effort and faff, so then there’s even less incentive to use the one tractor; as a result most people take two and jump between them. Belgian contractor Gert Jossa used to work that way when spreading muck and compost. Until, finally tiring of the cost and inefficiency of two-tractor working, he looked around for a solution ... and discovered SIWI’s patented Combi-Hitch.

17 Sep 2019

Over the years a lot of ingenuity has gone into producing a universal quick-coupling system to let prime movers swiftly hook up to trailed implements. Now Danish firm SIWI has something that might just be the answer, as profi and Dutch magazine Trekker discover...