Valtra A104/114 HiTech4 tractor

In our last driving impression of the Valtra A-series our test crew agreed that the updated range had a certain something compared with what had gone before. However, there was a limiting factor — the simple 12F x 12R gearbox meant it wasn’t the versatile jack-of-all-trades that the Finish firm had it billed as.

by topliner

17 Sep 2019

The past few years have seen Valtra’s grip on the UK and Irish tractor markets tighten with an increasing share, thanks in the main to the revamped N- and T-series ranges. Now the Finnish company has its sights set on the lower end of the horsepower scale with a 16Fx16R powershift gearbox for its 100-115hp A-series machines, borrowed from sister brand Massey