When the Juwel series was introduced in 2010, electronic components found their way into Lemken plows for the first time. It all started with the rotation angle sensor, which allowed the lateral inclination to be adjusted without stops. The already ISO-bus-capable Turn Control Pro in the Juwel 8TCP went one step further. In addition to many settings at the push of a button, it also allows automatic straightening of the furrow with GPS support.

With the i-equipment of the Juwel 8 ploughs, Lemken has further developed the system. Notable features include easier working with presets as well as further development of GPS control.

In our latest video test for profi, we saw just what the Lemken Juwel 8i could do (make sure you click on the closed caption – CC – button below for the English translation)…

“The Juwuel 8 is a solid plow that does a good job even without GPS and ISO bus,” we said on our test. “[But] above all, the electronics make adjustment easier and you notice that when you use it. The driver makes small adjustments much faster. After all, no dismounting is necessary.”

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