6 July 2018

Tractor test

John Deere 6250R:

That 'Vario feeling':

It is said imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and there is definitely some ‘Vario’ influence with the 6250R. But this is not the only talking point with John Deere’s ‘big’ 6R, it is pretty awesome on the fuel consumption too.

Practical test

Manitou MLT 635-140 V+ Elite telehandler:

Moving materials in comfort

Manitou recently revamped its agri telehandler line up. Pick for our practical test is the 3.5t, 6.08m MLT 635-140 V+Elite, a lengthy model name which also indicates this model is fitted with the latest transmission.

Case IH RB 545 Silage Pack baler wrapper:

Rolled, wrapped and delivered

The RB 545 Silage Pack retains a hint of its Orkel baler origins and combines them with some other already proven Case IH components. We used the baler wrapper combination for last season to see how well the mix of makes gels.

Farmgear Maxam 3300IV Twin Wilter model:

Mow, spread, top

Keeping things simple is one of the main attractions of the versatile Maxam mowers which are now available in the UK. But can driving over uncut grass destined for silage really work. We find out.

Driving impression

Househam Harrier:

Evolution of the species

We take an exclusive look at the Househam Harrier which replaces the long serving Merlin. Has it still go the magic, turn to page 38 to find out.

Fliegl Trans Farmer and Horsch Trailer Lift transport system:

Piggyback trailer

Want the benefits of commercial vehicle haulage but not the in-field compaction then the joint project between Fliegl and Horsch will certainly
be of interest. The light footed tracked unit simply gives the tipping trailer a piggyback.

Livestock equipment

Europe's first AD plant to run solely on poultry litter:

Digesting the chicken waste

With an ever increasing number of poultry units in Northern Ireland several ideas have been touted on how to deal with all of the chicken muck.
One of the latest projects is the Tully Centralised Anaerobic Digestion Plant. We hear the story.

Used machinery

Challenger MT700 tracked tractors:

Invest in the best to save long term

New Challenger tractors may be getting thin on European ground, but there is a sizeable park of used machines out there including the popular  T700. Don’t know your B from your E, then don’t fret our guide highlights how the twin track tractor evolved and what you should be paying for a used bargain.


Trakjak wheel changer

Safe and speedy wheel changes

Changing tractor wheels can be a tedious and dangerous task. But the arrival of a Trakjak has made the process a much safer and productive process for one Warwickshire farm.

Parts survey

How much?

Parts prices, even just the consumable items can represent a sizeable chunk of the running costs for any piece of kit. For our parts price survey we turn our attention to 170-180hp CVT tractors to find out the nitty.


Swath rollers

Make it flow

Swath rollers are not all about reducing the height of the crop row; they can also boost baler output. Below is a selection of some home-made solutions.

Machine management

Henzell Enterprises:

Growing the numbers

Increased diversity in the services provided and a lot of investment in staff and equipment have presented plenty of challenges for Northumberland contractor Lee Henzell, whose ability with numbers and day-to-day organisation have helped cope with rapid expansion


How it works - Cab suspension Part I

Are you sitting comfortably?

Underneath many cabs you'll find some form of steel spring or pneumatic accumulator installed to damp the vibrations and thumps as tractors travel over undulating terrain. Here and in the August issue we explain how steel spring and pneumatic systems work ... and to what extent electronics are involved


Calydon TerraBlade mechanical weeder:

Hoe showdown for blackgrass

Mechanical weeding is coming under the spotlight once again as grass weed control gets more tricky. Keep it simple, suggests Claydon Drills, which recently launched the TerraBlade hoe.


Land Rover Discovery Sport vs Skoda Kodiaq:

Price and predjudice

More mid-size SUV frolics this month as we see how Skoda’s new seven-seat Kodiaq stacks up against the Land Rover Discovery Sport.