26 October 2018

Tractor test

John Deere 5125R:

Loves to shift:

When we first looked at John Deere’s 5125R, it’s fair to say we were rather smitten with the big tractor feel in a small tractor package. Top of the 5R’s many attractions is its new Command8 transmission, which, despite having a propensity to shift too often in auto mode, is blessed with plenty of other endearing features

Practical test

Battery power tools:

Mobile metalworks

Power tools to drill, grind and cut are central to a farm workshop. Portability is a big bonus, so here we compare battery-powered options from four big-name brands

Driving impression

Weaving GD8000T:

Ticking all the 'till' boxes

Weaving Machinery is keen to point out that its GD is more than just an out-and-out no-till drill. It’s capable of operating under min-till and conventional-till regimes, too, says the Worcs-based firm

Agrometer SRS 1200:

Rocking and reeling

Danish firm Agrometer’s umbilical gear is a bit different to the more familiar kits from British and Irish manufacturers. For starters they don’t drag the hose along the field but unroll it and then reel it back up as the tractor progresses across the field

Teagle Telehawk:

Straw from above

Having to reverse a trailed straw chopper down long narrow passages on a daily basis is as good a reason as any to consider going for a loader-mounted version such as Teagle’s Telehawk, with the added bonus that it takes a tractor out of the equation. But can a hydraulically powered unit really be up to the task of blowing straw all the way across deep cattle yards?

Claas Rollant 540 RC:

Back in the game

There was a time when the Rollant 46 was the one to beat in the round baler game, but then Claas lost its mojo. Today, however, the firm insists its new Rollant 540 is a very different beast and capable of meeting the needs of the modern farmer and contractor. To see what’s been tweaked, we take a closer peek

Livestock equipment

Fullwood Packo Batch Milking 4.0:

Semi rotary set up

For larger milking herds there seem to be fewer autonomous milking options available. Fullwood Packo’s solution is the Batch Milking 4.0 system, and the first unit is now up and running. We take a closer look

Used machinery

BvL diet feeders:

Worn for some, ideal for others

A key to buying a pre-owned mixer wagon is to match its intended operation to its overall condition. An intensively used machine nearing the end of its life on a large dairy unit could give several years’ valuable service when employed on a small beef farm. Bottom line is that, given a little patience, you should be able to find a machine to meet your needs ... and budget. Here we look at BvL V-Mix vertical-auger mixers

Machine management

Sampling and spreading service:

Spreading wisely

Chris Anstey set up his business to provide customers with a full sampling and spreading service for a range of products. Key attraction for his farmer customers is that they can relax safe in the knowledge that the complete job is being taken care of. Less hassle, less worry

Custom cutters in the US - Part I:

2,000-mile harvest

British operators are the preferred choice for the eight-month season for North American custom cutter JKD Harvesting


How it works - oil filters:

Lets get oiled up

Oil is clever stuff, but it needs to be clean (or relatively free of crud) if it’s to perform to its full potential — hence, of course, the requirement for the humble oil filter. We take a peek inside this critical component


Cummins engine developments:

Cleaner, meaner power

Engine maker Cummins has a long history in agriculture, and the firm’s latest structural engine project marks a return to the sector as it weighs in with EU Stage V emissions solutions

Groundworks contractor runs a fleet of MB-Tracs:

2,500 hours on a Trac....every year

A chunky half-pipe dump trailer pulled behind an agricultural tractor is a common enough sight on today’s construction sites, but a fleet of 10 dumpers all towed behind MB-Tracs certainly isn’t. German groundworks contractor Bjoern Brasche relies solely on Tracs for hauling his trailers, with each of his ageing MBs racking up around 2,500 hours per year. Which begs the question: Why?


Magswitch welding clamp:

The force be with you

Magswitch non-electrical clamps and positioners are designed to help with steel fabrication and repair. Here’s a couple of items that don’t break the bank

Tuning - front end loaders:

Your front loader is more versatile than you think

Front loaders are already versatile bits of kit. The list of attachments that couple to the straightforward Euro hitch is seemingly endless, and that's before you start to add those buckets, forks, brushes etc tweaked or made from scratch by their inventive owners