Tractor test

New Holland T7.230 AC:

The small big one

Blue fans have a choice when it comes to purchasing a ‘200hp’ New Holland: the T7.225 or T7.230. Both are rated at 132kW/180hp, but, after stoking their fires, maximum power climbs to a claimed 165kW/225hp. So what exactly sets the T7.230 ‘small but big’ and ‘big but small’ T7.225 tractors apart? Read on to find out

Practical test

Väderstad Tempo V 12 precision drill

One high speed Swede

Tempo suggests speed, and Väderstad’s Tempo precision drills are designed to work quickly. But as you go faster, what happens to accuracy?

Driving impression

Kubota M5111 tractor:

M is for Mechanical…

Kubota has introduced its M5001 series tractors, complete with a Stage IV compliant engine, all-new cab with more internal space, revised instrumentation and fingertip control for the forward/reverse shuttle

Case IH RB 545 Silage Pack baler wrapper:

Snappy wrapper

Following CNH’s acquisition of the Orkel baler design a number of years ago, the Italian-based machinery giant has continued to work on the machine, marking it with CNH’s design thumbprint in the process. We try out a pre-production fixed-chamber Case IH RB 545 — to assess just where this baler wrapper is at in terms of its development

Blaney L1 10-27 wheeled loader:

Little lifter

At the Balmoral Show last year, Blaney Motor Company introduced a new pivot loader and compact telehandler — the starting point for a new range of machines. We take a look at the L1 10-27

Kawasaki Mule Pro-DX diesel UTV:

Farm-friendly Mule

It’s been several years since we last drove a Kawasaki Mule diesel, partly due to the fact that the steady evolution of the predecessor 4010 Diesel models adhered closely to the original Mule template, which first appeared back in the early 90s. So, why does the new-for-2016-model-year Pro-DX warrant renewed attention?

John Deere 6250R:

Keeping up

According to Deere research, European contractors want a lightweight, high-hp tractor — something like the Case IH Puma 240, Fendt 828, New Holland T7.270 … So to get in on this act the Mannheim engineers have come up with the ‘lightweight, high-hp’ 6230R and 6250R

Livestock equipment

Dealing with sand in slurry:

Sand solution

While cows may love lying on sand, it remains a tricky substance to handle, particularly when mixed in with muck. A Somerset dairy farm reckons it has now, at long last, happened upon the best machines for tackling the sand-in-slurry challenge

Used machinery

Quicke loaders:

A helping hand

The last time we looked at buying a used tractor loader was over a decade ago, so a revisit is long overdue. On this occasion we concentrate on Quicke units, albeit with a few pointers to cover loaders in general, and it’ll probably come as no surprise to learn that much has changed on the loader market over the past 10 years. But don’t panic. Today there’s plenty of support out there — to make


Two-stroke engine development:

The injection of pace

Big engines get the glamour when talk turns to new technologies. Yet revolution also rustles the undergrowth in the small powerplant world, and it’s likely to come soon to a chainsaw near you…

Safe hitches:

The hitch with the ball hitch

Ball and spoon hitches have been on the UK and Irish markets for over 10 years now and their popularity is increasing, parti-cularly in Ireland where they allow an increase in train weight on public roads. But, just like hook and drawbar couplings, the ball and spoon set-up is prone to wear

Machine management

Digestate spreading:

Big on muck

The growing number of AD plants in the UK has created an additional source of crop nutrition. Taylors Agricultural has invested in a self-propelled applicator and fleet of ferry tankers to make best use of digestate

Around the world

A cut above the best / Sales hold steady / Mixed-mood messages from US farmers / Bright future for the front pto


CVT efficiency in comparison:

Stepless draft on tap

All leading tractor manufacturers offer stepless transmission options, which they have either developed themselves or sourced from outside suppliers. Each transmission has its own unique design that can lead to differences in efficiency. This was found to be true from a comparison of six tractors that had previously been assessed at the DLG test station

Tractor/trailer brakes:

A question of balance …

… and of efficiency. A recent event run by the Agricultural Engineers Association (AEA) and BAGMA revisited the business of tractor and trailer brakes, posted a warning and gave a demo of how you might boost trailer braking for free

Under the hammer

Paul Rackham sale, Norfolk:

Further reductions for Norfolk business

Following a previous event where cattle numbers were reduced, Paul Rackham Ltd’s remaining livestock equipment, selected tractors and machinery were auctioned to a good crowd. The wide variety of kit on display meant there was something of interest for all, and the majority of lots found new homes on the day


Bringing in the hemp harvest:

Cut ‘n’ blow

Dutch hemp grower HempFlax has transformed three of John Deere’s W660 combines into something rather special. And there has been even more workshop fettling carried out since we first looked at the innovative Double Cut Combine in our 03/2015 issue


Contractor price guide 2017

UK contractor charges

This is the National Association of Agricultural Contractors’ ( charge guide, based on info supplied by its members last spring. The figures are only a guide and assume a red diesel price of 40p/litre. Prices will vary according to UK region, size of job, type of equipment used etc