Tractor test

Claas Arion 450:

Classy contender

Claas sells around 600 of its Arion 400 range in Germany each year,making it the company’s most popular tractor family. To find outwhy the Germans are so fond of this French-built product line, wedecided to take a closer look at the 92/kW/125hp Arion 450 model

Practical test

Brush cutters compared:

Occasional trimmers with added bite

Our aim here is to take a look at entry-level loop handle line trimmersand see how they compare with a larger engine variant with bike-typehandles. The work we carried out was primarily lighter duties toinclude weed control around farm buildings, trimming around stilesand fencing. This was the main test brief, but heavier brush cuttingsaw us swap to blades on all models bar the battery-powered Makita

Driving impression

Pöttinger Jumbo 7210 Combiline forage wagon:

All whistles and bells

Given the chance to have a dabble with Pöttinger Ireland’s demo Jumbo 7210, we were keen to see what a pretty much all singing and dancing forage wagon was capable of. Here is what we thought

Vicon Extra 7100T rear butterfly mower:

Clever butterfly

Last summer Vicon had a limited number of the new Extra 7100T rear butterfly mower-conditioners working in the field. We caught up with one to see what the firm’s top of the range triple has to offer

Fliegl Wood King Classic buzz saw:

Chop chop

The teeth gritting moment when a low-hung branch brushes down the paintwork isnever a good feeling. If you want a relatively quick way of delimbing branches, thena loader-mounted buzz saw such as the Fliegl Wood King Classic could be the answer

Used machinery

Horsch Pronto DC disc coulter drills:

Same name, lots of evolution

The first Horsch Pronto DC drills, in the shape of the 4.0m 4 DC model, reached the UK in 2004. Followed by both narrower and wider offerings, the basic configuration has stuck to the original formula, but, as you would expect, there have been numerous detail developments made to the Pronto DC over the years, the most significant changes arriving in 2008 and 2015. How will these developments impact on a used buy?

Machine management

Joint venture farming in Hertfordshire:

Watcock comes of age

Herts-based Watcock Farming, or to give it its proper title, Pelham Farming Co, has recently celebrated its 18th birthday (profi 05/00 and 03/02). We review the lessons learnt over the past couple of decades with one of the contracting company’s founding directors, Edward Hitchcock


12m Catros on tour — Part II:

The long road North

Amazone’s North America tour heads towards Canada, with field demodriver Kathrin Schmidt piloting a 12m Catros outfit. Here we pick outhighlights from our DVD of the trip — see below for how to order!


Amazone Certos 4001-2TX discs:

Certos drives in

Bigger discs on a heavy machine allow deeper work. That’s the simple notion behindAmazone’s Certos trailed disc cultivators — but does the theory hold good in practice?


Isuzu D-Max vs VW Amarok pick-ups:

One up, one down

With the release of new versions of their double-cab pick-ups in 2017,Isuzu and VW went in very different directions on engine size. Whatdifference does this make? Only one way to find out: put the two together

Under the hammer

Chalke Valley Farming Ltd sale:

Fresh kit moved on from dissolving partnership

Following a decision to dissolve the partnership at Chalke Valley Farming, a selection of modern arable farming kit was put up for sale. The achieved returns exceeded the expectations of the auctioneer

Tough maize — Part II:

Muddy aMAIZEing

The wet weather caused many a headache during last autumn’s maizeharvest, so Dutch contractors with special kit were in big demand