Tractor test

Comparing ways to tune an engine:

Walking a tightrope

Engine chip tuning manufacturers make plenty of bold claims about improving overall fuel economy and performance. But just how effective is this controversial technology? profi decided to find out by testing a chip box and a remap system at the DLG test station

Practical test

John Deere S690i combine harvester:

Big in the field — and out of it

Following on from our driving impression (profi 10/11) there’s not much more to say about what goes on inside John Deere’s largest combine harvester. Now to find out how a pre-production version delivers in work

Driving impression

Malone Trojan MT52 self-loading wagon:

Trojan is on the march

For Malone Engineering, expanding its portfolio from bale handlers to producing a self-loading wagon in 2007 was a significant leap. Since then the County Mayo-based firm has sold a number of units in its native Ireland, but understandably now wants to bring its wagon wares to the attention of a wider audience. With this in mind, Mervyn Bailey decided it was time to take a closer look at the

Turning furrows French-style

Grégoire-Besson RWY8 mounted plough:

When it comes to quality ploughing, settings are everything. So operators will be relieved to learn that there’s no shortage of plough adjustments on the Grégoire-Besson RWY8 mounted reversible, many of which can be carried out from the comfort of the tractor cab without relying on electronic sensors

Up the Tempo

Väderstad Tempo TPF6 precision seeder:

At the Agritechnica show Väderstad unveiled its first precision drill, but, as you might expect from the innovative Swedish manufacturer, the Tempo is no ordinary seeder. Stand-out features include an on-board alternator and an all-new seed metering system. We had the opportunity to work with a six-row Tempo TPF6 in Hungary

Livestock equipment

Small loaders on the farm:

Size is far from everything

While telehandler and tractor front loaders clearly dominate the agricultural market, there’s an important sector that specialises in being able to work in farm buildings where turning space and available height might be at a premium. Here Andy Collings meets up with a big-time user of Bobcat skid-steers, before moving on next month to check out the compact wheeled loader alternative

Used machinery

Claas Disco 8550C and Disco 8550C Plus mowers:

Low-cost mowing on a wide scale

To achieve its full potential, a used Claas Disco 8550C — or subsequent Disco 8550C Plus — ‘butterfly’ mower conditioner needs the right fields, a powerful tractor and an appropriate front mower to cut the central gap in between the two wing units. James de Havilland assesses the second-hand options


From the workshop:

Simple solutions to perennial problems

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. Well, if that’s the case, then Mike Donovan is profi’s Big Momma. From his seemingly cornucopian back catalogue, Mike produces yet another bevvy of farmer-generated ideas, including this month a bale spike push-off and a disabled tractor driver hoist. Remember to contact Mike via the details in the box on p39

Kawasaki Mule service:

Is the farm’s Mule still ‘kickin’?

From modest beginnings back in 1988, the Mule has fathered a whole new class of four-wheel utiliity vehicles — right up to the innovative two-/four-seater Trans version. Steve Haswell, technical trainer for Kawasaki Motors UK, shows Andrew Pearce the key steps in Mule service and adds some tips of his own

Machine management

Hiring is a better option for Yorkshire contractor:

Calculate your costs before your charges

Switching between hiring and buying has allowed Andy Nicholson to grow his contracting operation from humble beginnings. Mervyn Bailey finds out how the Yorkshire-based business started and where it is now

Around the world

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  • Workmax makes an African impact
  • Take manure gases seriously
  • Wheels under the workshop


Contractor price guide:

UK contractor charges

This is the National Association of Agric. Contractors’ charge guide, based on info supplied by its members last summer. The figures are ONLY A GUIDE and assume a red diesel price of 66p/litre. Prices will vary according to UK region, size of job, type of equipment used etc

profi tractor test explained

Ever wondered how we test the tractors that appear in profi every month? Yes? Then set aside a few minutes to watch this video. Using the Austrian-built 126hp Lindner Geotrac 124 as an example, the short film provides a flavour of how we set about the task — from how we determine tractor drawbar power with the help of the DLG’s Powermix truck, to a run-through of what’s involved in the practical


GPS section control on precision seeders:

Drilling on demand

Satellite guidance brings options that were unthinkable 20 years ago. The latest of these turns off a precision drill as it comes in to a headland or awkward area. We compare three such systems in the field, with the test participants hailing from Horsch, Deere and Kverneland