Tractor test

Tractor test: Valtra N142 Direct

Thinking man’s CVT

When it came to developing a CVT, Valtra must have been tempted by the obvious route – of dipping into the AGCO parts store and slipping a ready-made Vario box into its tractor range. Instead, the Finnish company decided to design its own. A wise move? We find out here as the fourcylinder N142 Direct enjoys the full profi test treatment

Practical test

Eight silage wagons compared – part II:

The devil and the detail

This test of eight forage wagons produced no clear winner: each machine came with its own particular strengths and weaknesses. So if you’re thinking of buying, it’s a good idea to check out the detail before arriving at a final decision

Livestock equipment

Alö LCS ElectroDrive Professional loader control:

It’s on the tip of my…

…thumb. That’s the concept behind Alö’s LCS ElectroDrive Professional, developed as an option for the Swedish firm’s Quicke and Trima front-end loaders. After a short test we reckon the control system offers plenty of advantages

Used machinery

Kubota livestock tractors:

‘Kub’ bares its stock farming claws

Kubota livestock tractors? Why not concentrate solely on the ME and 2008-and-on M40 series? Or perhaps take a detailed look at just the M105S, first seen in 2005, and its M108S successor? No. James de Havilland checks out the full 60-110hp Kubota monty


New Holland BB9070 baler

Hungry for hay, silage and straw

Simon Wales, technician at Ernest Doe’s Big Baler Centre, Marlesford, Suffolk, guides Andrew Pearce through the second installment of our New Holland BB baler service

From the workshop:

Simple solutions to perennial problems

Problem solver Mike Donovan returns with his monthly basket of tips and tricks, sent in by readers and all intended to make farming life just that little bit easier – and, of course, at minimal extra expense to the business in question. Are you able to add to Mike’s collection? If so, please contact him using the details at the bottom of page 35

Machine management

Power harrow drill on 800ha:

Up hill and down dale

Steep terrain and unpredictable weather are just two reasons why Marsh Farm uses a mounted power harrow drill combination for establishing its 810ha of arable crops. By wrapping the onepass unit around a 335hp Claas Xerion, the Shropshire business has been able to take out an additional cultivations tractor and save on precious labour, as Mervyn Bailey finds out

Around the world

  • Tractor sales cycle returns to normal
  • Farmer concern over government mandates and regulation
  • Chipping with a difference
  • Opportunities for agricultural students


Contractor price guide 2011:

UK contractor charges

The UK-based National Association of Agricultural Contractors has put together this guide of contractor charges for 2011 based on information from its members. Charges are shown in both acres and hectares. Prices will vary according to UK region, size of job, type of kit used etc

Tractor guide 2011 update

Our tractor guide shows max engine hp for draft work and, if available, max hp with boost. Other columns: Engine (T = turbo, E = electronic fuel and/or engine mgt, capacity in litres); shuttle (P/S = power shuttle, S/S = synchro shuttle); transmission; hydraulics (G = gear pump, P = piston pump, M = manual spools, E = electric spools, max output in litres/min); and linkage (E = electric control, M


Steering systems in comparison:

Taking the retro route

What is ‘auto-steer ready’? While designed primarily to allow buyers to install the tractor firm’s own system at purchase or at some time in the future, this spec also makes it relatively simple to mount other retrofit kits. Here we try out three such systems


Ford Ranger double-cab vs Mitsubishi L200 double-cab

Transports of delight?

A double-cab pick-up is the favourite way of moving men and machinery spares for many farmers and contractors. Andrew Pearce takes the chance to eye up two established numbers — Ford’s Ranger and Mitsubishi’s L200