Tractor test

John Deere 7280R

Overriding impression of John Deere’s 7280R is that this is a ‘big’ tractor in every sense of the word: big in terms of engine muscle, big in overall performance, and big in weight — its test kerb statistic is a porky 11t. The full ‘R’ assessment appears in our June magazine

Tractor test: John Deere 7280R

The ‘R’ Factor

With the launch of the 7R tractors in 2011, John Deere added some extra muscle to its mid-range heavyweights. Yet there was much more to this new Deere line-up than a simple tweak of the previous 7030’s pump. We test the flagship model, the 198kW/269hp (ECE R24) rated 7280R

Practical test

Fella TS10055 rake

The Fella TS10055 twin-rotor rake is proof that it can pay to look beyond the perhaps more obvious mainstream makers when upgrading your grass machinery. A centre-delivery model, the TS10055 is simple to hitch up and operate, and stands out for its manoeuvrability.

Fella TS10055 twin-rotor rake:

Look out for the big Fella

Twin-rotor rakes are now encroaching on the working width territory of their four-rotor counterparts, and the big Fella TS10055 model is a fine example of this new ‘twin’ breed. Arguments are straightforward: half the number of rotors means less investment cost and a reduced maintenance requirement. A compelling case, then? We find out

Driving impression

Honda TRX500FE ATV

Power steering is currently the buzz option in the world of ATVs, with a number of the manufacturers offering this easy-steer facility. Is it really necessary, though? Our ride on the light-bar TRX500FE suggests otherwise.

Krone Ultima CF 155 XC baler wrapper:

The ultimate combination?

Krone’s Ultima baler wrapper lived up to its name by taking a Gold Medal at Agritechnica 2011. We tried out an early version behind a 260hp Fendt 828 Vario — to see how this intriguing baler works in the field

The ultimate combination?

Krone Ultima CF 155 XC baler wrapper

Krone’s Ultima baler wrapper lived up to its name by taking a Gold Medal at Agritechnica 2011. We tried out an early version behind a 260hp Fendt 828 Vario — to see how this intriguing baler works in the field

Used machinery

New Holland T6000 tractors

Delta, Plus or Elite spec? Four or six cylinders? Transmission type? The choices go on and on when looking for a second-hand New Holland T6000 tractor. Before starting your search we suggest you check out our used T6000 profile for specific model buying tips.

New Holland TS-A and T6000 series tractors:

‘T’ comes in various flavours

The 2003 New Holland TS-A tractors (100-140hp) were replaced by Stage II-/Stage IIIA-compliant T6000 units in 2007. And though initially pretty much the same as its TS-A predecessor, the T6000 went on to incorporate Power Command and Range Command transmission variants derived from the short-wheelbase TM series, as well as a number of other new features. Confused? Well, wait until you have to


Tyre fitting — part II

When refitting drive tyres there are two particular areas of the expensive rubber that are at risk of damage: the beads — the steel hoop that seats and seals the tyre on the rim — and the synthetic plies that wrap around those beads. Our guide gives tips on tyre/rim preparation and on how to actually carry out the fitting job.

From the workshop:

Simple solutions to perennial problems

So, what’s in the ‘tips and tricks’ box for June? Packaged and gift-wrapped by Practical Farm Ideas’s Mike Donovan, this month’s collection includes items as diverse as a stretched tedder and a barrel-opening tool. Please contact Mike (details on p49) with your suggestions for future low-cost labour-savers

Drive tyre removal and refitting part I

Boots go back on again

For the finale of this two-part rubber extravaganza, Andrew Pearce again taps into Michelin’s practical expertise on the removal and refitting of drive tyres. This time the focus is on the rubber refit job

Machine management

Mix and match for crop establishment:

Pick and mix

Having a cost-effective cultivation regime that is flexible enough to work in all conditions is something of a tall order. But for Somerset arable growers and Aberdeen Angus cattle breeders, Peter, David and Mark House, it’s essential. After some careful consideration they believe they’ve finally arrived at a system that will handle their unusual soil types in the best and worst of the West

Around the world

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Tractor guide 2012 update

Our tractor guide shows max engine hp for draft work and, if available, max hp with boost. Other columns: engine (T = turbo, capacity in litres, E = electronic fuel and/or engine mgt); shuttle (P/S = power shuttle, S/S = synchro shuttle); transmission; hydraulics (G = gear pump, P = piston pump, max output in litres/min, M = manual spools, E = electric spools); and linkage (capacity in tonnes, E =


John Deere Section Control:

Get switched on

Hard on the heels of our GPS-controlled drill comparison (profi 04/12), John Deere’s Robert Hill, product sales specialist in AMS, shows how to set up the firm’s Section Control system for sprayers, spreaders and seeders