Tractor test

New Holland T7.270 Auto Command

Big, bold and blue

New Holland’s policy of using a tractor’s maximum boosted output as part of its model numbering can be slightly confusing — although, to be fair, New Holland isn’t the only one. This month’s test candidate, the T7.270 Auto Command, has a rated output of 168kW/228hp/225PS at 2,200rpm

Practical test

Väderstad Tempo F8 precision drill

High-speed Swede

An eight-row, pre-production version of Väderstad’s precision drill shows it can cover the ground quickly — and accurately. We assess the 6m seeder’s ability to plant maize uniformly at travel speeds that range from 9km/hr to 15km/hr

Driving impression

New Holland BigBaler 1270

Smarter and faster

New Holland’s BigBaler (BB) range has been reworked in search of higher output and increased bale density. Last summer we took a BB 1270 for an initial spin

Polaris Ranger XP 900 UTV

All-new petrol Ranger adds welcome refinement

New from the ground up, the petrol-powered Polaris Ranger XP 900 is reckoned to be more refined, easier to maintain and better to drive than other models in the company’s utility vehicle line-up, and, on top of that, will almost certainly form the template for all future Rangers. James de Havilland borrows an early demonstrator to see how it fares in everyday use

Livestock equipment

Crichton Royal Farm revisited

Celtic nouse on the dairy job

It was over four years ago, in the autumn of 2008, that profi first visited the Crichton Royal Farm and discovered the important contribution it makes to research into milk production. Andy Collings recently returned to see what has changed and takes a look at the establishment’s latest projects

Used machinery

JCB TM300 and TM310 pivot-steer loaders

The pros and perils of going for an ‘old yeller’

JCB’s TM pivot-steers may stick to the same design format established by the TM270 way back in 1997, yet the arrival of each new generation has brought changes in power and hydraulic performance, as James de Havilland discovers


From the workshop

Simple solutions to perennial problems

So what does Mike Donovan have in store for us this month from his ideas locker? As usual, the collection is varied. For your cerebral cogitation and digestion there’s a Defender tailgate plate, round bale transporter, cow back scratcher and steering front press. Plenty to stimulate the workshop juices, then

AIR-CONDITIONING How to keep it working PART 2

Fridge maintenance

There’s quite a lot that an operator can do to keep air-conditioning and climate control happy. Andrew Pearce runs through a checklist

Würth rivnut tool

Pick up some new threads

Rivet nuts and studs open up possibilities in the farm workshop. Andrew Pearce explores a professional way to install them, courtesy of Würth UK

Machine management

Keeping combines on the move

Going the distance

When it comes to shifting grain away from the combine and back to the yard, commercial vehicles can claim several advantages. To do this, though, there’s still the dilemma of how best to transfer the grain off soft arable fields and into those road-going bulkers

Around the world

Robotic dairying is a reality Down Under Full of eastern promise Combine streamlines stover harvest Pole saws do differ


Contractor price guide 2013/2014

UK contractor charges

This is the National Association of Agric.Contractors’ charge guide, based on info supplied by its members this spring. The figures are ONLY A GUIDE and assume a red diesel price of 70p/litre. Prices will vary according to UK region, size of job, type of equipment used etc

Farming in South Africa — part II

Land of contrasts

Last month we introduced you to the changing face of agriculture in South Africa. To wrap up our brief tour of this most beautiful country, we visit two more farming operations — and they could hardly be more different