Tractor test

New Holland T7.315 Auto Command:

He ain’t heavy, he’s my bruvver

There’s no point beating around the bush: the New Holland T7 HD, Case IH Optum and Steyr Terrus are more or less identical tractors. Which is as good a reason as any to take a more detailed look at the T7.315 after testing the red Optum 300 back in February. Here we try to find out where the differences lie

Practical test

Strautmann Sherpa 1401 self-propelled diet feeder:

Six weeks with a Sherpa

A self-propelled diet feeder might seem like a luxury, but an increasing number of European farmers think the figures stack up, even on smaller scale dairy units. Strautmann’s Sherpa has been designed as a lower-cost option for just that market — and now it’s coming to the UK

Claas Jaguar 860 forage harvester:

A new old friend

The Jaguar 800 is one of those machines that’s standing the test of time. Last year the torch was passed to a new 800 generation, which boasts a little more tech, to make the harvesting job more efficient, but without the cost of stepping up to the higher spec Jag 900

Amazone ZA-V 2700 Profis Tronic fertiliser spreader:

Upper middle class

If you like choice and the capability to spread different materials at high rates and widths, then one of Amazone’s ZA-V spreaders could be the way to go. Here we explore the ZA-V 2700 Profis Tronic, which the maker says can deliver material at up to 36m and 390kg/min

Driving impression

Teagle Tomahawk C12 Calibrator bale processor:

A prince among processors

High outputs and a uniform chop length was the brief for Teagle’s designers when they set about developing the Tomahawk C12 Calibrator bale processor back in 2014. Three years on, the finished product made its public debut at the Grassland and Muck event, Stoneleigh, on May 24th/25th

Horsch Express 3 KR power harrow drill:

Down the spout

Horsch can now tick the box for farmers wanting a power harrow drill. Express KR even comes as a grain and fertiliser model — to widen its appeal just that little bit more

Househam Predator self-propelled sprayer:

Househam on the hunt

Predator is Househam’s new class of self-propelled sprayer, which will sit above its current range-topper, the Merlin. Ahead of the Predator’s Cereals Event launch, we take a close look at a pre-production model

Room at the bottom

Kongskilde HRWT 51080 plough + XLD bodies:

Can a quart go into a pint pot? Kongskilde certainly thinks so. Last Agritechnica the Danish company revealed its new XLD plough bodies, and here are our first impressions

Livestock equipment

South African dairy farming:

South African challenge

The number of dairy farms in South Africa has fallen from over 50,000 two decades ago to around 1,600 today. Battling high input costs and having no subsidies make it harder for them to survive … Or does it? We visited the Loubser family farm, which continues to expand to stay in business

Used machinery

Pöttinger Europrofi L silage wagon:

Easy to own … but perhaps not so easy to find?

Introduced in the UK in 2004 to replace the similarly sized Pöttinger 1, 2 and 3 wagons, the Europrofi 4000L, 4500 L and 5000L have since become popular buys on the used market. Here’s what to look out for


Optrel Weldcap welding cap:

Things that go bump in the light

Tired of hot spatter burning the bald patch? Fed up with accidentally clouting your head when welding around machinery? Optrel has something to ease the pain…

Machine management

Different drill for different jobs:

System for growth

Being able to swap between different drills has allowed PR Farming to expand its operation. Newest arrival is a strip-till drill, which after four seasons has brought improvements to soil structure

Around the world

Vermeer bound for Africa / Big country, big drill / Indian tractor sales on the increase / Joined up thinking / Mowing the rough stuff


Combines4Charity Profi World Record:

Black smoke and grass glory

With two combining world records under its belt, Combines4Charity has gotten grass fever and established a new self-propelled forage harvesting Profi World Record with 104 machines cleaning up 39ha. We were there to hear the buzz, smell the smoke and witness a truly awesome event


How it works:

Wastegate and VGT turbochargers

In previous issues of profi we’ve explained how a turbocharger works. On this occasion we get more specific, focusing on how wastegate and variable geometry turbochargers (VGTs) operate

Under the hammer

Totley Hall sale:

Substantial crowd at genuine small dispersal

Small dispersal sales are common, but most of them are usually not as good as this one. The Totley Hall sale boasted a range of livestock kit that was in pristine condition and, despite the age and hours on display, excellent prices were achieved


Slurry application with modified tractors:

Stretched for slurry

Two longer-than-normal Claas Arion tractors are allowing one Dutch contractor to apply slurry to grassland in less than perfect conditions without causing damage


Contractor price guide 2017

UK contractor charges

This is the National Association of Agricultural Contractors’ ( charge guide, based on info supplied by its members this spring. The figures are only a guide and assume a red diesel price of 50p/litre. Prices will vary according to UK region, size of job, type of equipment used etc

Tine drill guide

Simple tine seed drills

Here’s our guide to simple tine drills for working in very stony or heavy soils on ploughed land or in lighter land under a min-till regime. The Amazone Cayena, Horsch Sprinter ST, Köckerling Jockey and Simtec T-Sem AC are trailed; all others are tractor-mounted. Sulky’s Kronos TF and Carré’s Penterra-S are configured with a front hopper