Tractor test

Fendt 313 Vario

Sitting on the smaller Fendts

Exactly a year ago we published a driving impression on the latest Fendt 300-series tractors in which we focused on their new exhaust emission compliant engines as well as on some of the main tweaks to their design detail. Here we subject the top dog in the 300 range, the 88kW/120hp/118PS Vario 313, to our full tractor test

Practical test

Manitou MLT 840 telehandler

The Big Push

Fresh styling and some big changes have sparked up the side-boom Manitou MLT 840, which comes in three spec levels and with a choice of DPS engines. Here we put figures on the performance of the higher-power, top-spec 137hp Elite

Driving impression

Kubota M110GX tractor

More lion, less Kub

The Kubota MGX series comprises just two tractors, the nominal 110hp M110GX and 135hp M135GX. In the UK it’s the M110GX that’s the main seller, as its power, spec and pricing place it right in the sweet spot for a versatile stock model, says James de Havilland

Claas Axion 850 tractor

The ‘Ax’ man cometh

Claas has learned lessons from the first-generation Axions, and with a revised series for 2014 sets out to put the wind up the opposition. We see what’s changed…

Livestock equipment

Farm energy audit

Time for an audit

As farm energy costs continue to spiral upwards, the price of lighting, heating, cooling, pumping and so on, increases accordingly and makes ever larger inroads into the profitability of livestock enterprises. But can these costs be reduced? Andy Collings finds out

Used machinery

John Deere 840 trailed sprayers

Go yellow for spraying

After its purchase of Dutch sprayer maker Douven, John Deere first entered the UK sprayer market in 1998. Its own in-house trailed models, the 800-series, arrived in time for the Smithfield Show in 2000, and since then the range-topping 840 model, in particular, has gone on to develop a strong UK following. James de Havilland reports


From the workshop

Simple solutions to perennial problems

They reckon it’s the simple things in life that often have the greatest impact and live longest in the memory. And that’s certainly true of our monthly ‘Simple solutions to perennial problems’ pages if your feedback is any sort of barometer. Here’s the next batch from Mike Donovan’s collection

Machine management

Multi-cut silage for organic milk

Rocket fuel

With strong concentrate prices squeezing margins for dairy farmers, it’s now as important as ever to produce the most nutritious and palatable silage, and thus reduce the need to shell out hard-earned cash on bought-in feed. Steynton Farm is looking to make the most of its grass, taking a minimum of four cuts to clamp the best quality fodder possible. Mervyn Bailey reports

Around the world

Roll on the Australian spring Less compaction when loading sugar cane Used tractor values still ‘strong-ish’ in US Back to the future with Ford


Agritechnica 2013

Biennial machinery bonanza

Filling all 24 halls at the expansive Hanover fairgrounds, Agritechnica 2013 will not only be bigger than ever but will also reward the expected 400,000 visitors with a glut of new tractors and equipment, writes Steven Vale

Tillage Live 2013

Ticking along

The annual Tillage Live event can throw up a number of new kit surprises, and this year’s working demonstration was no exception. Strip-till cultivators were out in force in the Lincolnshire field alongside more traditional cultivation and drilling techniques. Mervyn Bailey provides this picture caption round-up

Contractor price guide 2013/2014

UK contractor charges

This is the National Association of Agric.Contractors’ charge guide, based on info supplied by its members this spring. The figures are ONLY A GUIDE and assume a red diesel price of 70p/litre. Prices will vary according to UK region, size of job, type of equipment used etc


Hydrostat operation

Oil-right on the night

Not sure what goes on between the engine and wheels of a materials handler, and what the different transmissions could offer your farming operation? In the first of a three-part series, Andrew Pearce sheds some light with the help of Merlo UK’s Nigel Perrin. Initial focus is hydrostat operation

Semi-pro vs professional saws

The Professionals — or just a semi

In Part I we assessed a bunch of general-purpose farm saws. Now we broaden our view, taking in some other options and also outlining the differences between semi-pro and professional models. James de Havilland acts as your summariser