Tractor test

Fendt 939 Vario

No replacement for displacement

Following on the heels of the Fendt 828 test (04/2015) we take a look at what is new on the Marktoberdorf ringleader, the 939. Can the Stage IV twin-turbo engine put in a better performance than its Stage IIIB predecessor? Read on for our test reveal

Practical test

Amazone Cirrus 3003 Compact drill

The Matrix loaded

Recently revised, the Amazone Cirrus seeder range sports (amongst other things) new, apparently easy-pulling Matrix soil consolidation tyres. Here we see how they, plus the various other updates, fare in the field

Driving impression

Polaris Sportsman 570 and Polaris Sportsman 570 UTE

Subtle differences

Polaris has a wide selection of products within its Sportsman range, but for the working models the critical choice is between the three 567cc siblings. All share pretty much the same chassis and running gear, so logic suggests they should behave in much the same way, too. Logically, yes. The reality? A few surprises lie in store

New Holland Dual Stream header

Double chop

As combine harvester attachments go, New Holland’s Dual Stream stubble cutting mechanism is not perhaps that aesthetically pleasing. But if the company’s claim for increased outputs and reduced costs holds up, it could be an interesting option to consider for those farmers seeking maximum harvesting efficiency

Vicon iXdrive 5240 self-propelled sprayer

Tried and tested, sort of

It was back in summer 2014 that we first reported on Kverneland’s intention to re-enter the self-propelled sprayer market, and now that’s come to fruition with the firm’s spraying gear mated with a Mazzotti skid unit. The iXdrive has some interesting technology on board

Kuhn FB 3135 round baler

More refinement

It seems no time at all since Kuhn acquired its baler business from the Kverneland Group. In fact, it was as long ago as 2008, and over the intervening years the French maker has been busy tweaking the many product lines it inherited. Come next season there will be new fixed-chamber models — the FB 3130 and FB 3135

Livestock equipment

Safe handling of beef cattle

Handling at the Harmans’

Life is never dull at Grove Farm, Chesham, the Buckinghamshire home of the long-established Chesham herd of Charolais beef cattle. When it comes to livestock handling, however, the last thing herd owner Ben Harman wants is excitement, hence his investment in a new race and crush — to provide calm and safe handling for both man and beast

Used machinery

DeLaval VMS milking system

Reduced cost entry to robot milking

DeLaval launched its VMS voluntary milking system in 1998, although it was not until 2008 that the first systems were installed in the UK. Hardly a surprise, then, that used VMS units have been thin on the ground up until more recently. So are these now increasing numbers of second-hand robots worth considering?


From the workshop

Simple solutions to everyday problems

This month’s Simple Solutions from Mike Donovan includes two ideas for potato growers — a cushioning chute for handling chitted seed and better visibility into a trailer during harvest. For stockmen there’s a cow tipping crush constructed from an old bale transporter and, for more general use, a simple way of taking your bike to the field so you can pedal home for lunch

Comparing hydraulic couplers

Getting the right connection

Telling which oil pipe is which when coupling up implements can be a frustrating task unless someone has taken the time to mark them with the trusty coloured cable tie. But for those wanting a more durable and professional looking approach, see what you make of these two coupler offerings, which we bought and trialled during a profi semi-mounted plough test

Machine management

Mixed weather challenges

Keep on moving

With heavy rain on and off at the flick of a switch this season, life for Ballycastle contractor Seamus McClements has been quite a challenge. We visit the young contractor on a wet day to see how he is getting on

Around the world

Fifty tractors in one shot / Big guns for Oz / Case IH targets hay producers with tractor series / All the spraying bases covered


Agritechnica Preview

Agritechnica — fully booked

It is 30 years since the doors opened for the first Agritechnica, and the 2015 show is going to be bigger than ever before; if the early signs are anything to go by, it’ll possibly be the best yet. For the first time, tractors will be located at each of the four corners of the vast site following the completion of the new Hall 20, which US giant AGCO will occupy.


Subaru Forester vs Subaru Outback

The same — but different

An ‘alternative’ fuel comes your way this month, as the Siren call of a brace of Subaru petrols lures us away from diesel power. Will it be the longer, lower Outback or the shorter, taller Forester that drives off with the honours?


profi Tablet

Discover the new profi Tablet edition

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Under the hammer

Common Farm sale

Keen prices for tidy kit

The Common Farm sale was the first of four sales being held by Brown & Co and featured some well-kept kit. Telephone bidding was fierce, as many buyers, faced with the prospect of falling incomes, were opting for used machinery rather than investing in new


Dutch-modified self-propelled sprayers

Sitting up front

A number of Dutch bulb growers spray their valuable crops with a tractor and trailed sprayer all rolled into the one intriguing-looking outfit



UK contractor charges

This is the National Association of Agricultural Contractors’ ( charge guide, based on info supplied by its members this spring. The figures are only a guide and assume a red diesel price of 60p/litre. Prices will vary according to UK region, size of job, type of equipment used etc