Tractor test

John Deere 8400R:

Put the power down

Launched just over a year ago, John Deere’s 8400R sets new standards in tractor lugging power. The biggest Deere conventional wheeled tractor ripped a whopping 275kW/369hp off the DLG brake truck. And this wasn’t the only record it set…

Practical test

Semi-mounted cultivators compared

Handle with care

It’s not what you do, it’s the way that you do it — so for the second half of this six-cultivator test we look at using the machines in the field. For Part I, see profi 10/17

Driving impression

Hauer XB Bionic 110 front loader

Boom with a view

Not a familiar name in the UK or Ireland, Austrian loader maker Hauer’s new XB Bionic range hides the moving components in the boom for clearer sight lines and improved protection for vulnerable parts. We take a closer look

Case IH Maxxum 125 ActiveDrive 8 tractor:

The magnificent ‘8’

Case IH has launched an eight-step semi-powershift transmission for its mid-range Maxxum tractors. The new box incorporates double clutch technology and is tried out here within a 125hp Maxxum 125 model

Ploeger AT4103 three-wheeled skid unit:

Gator hunter

Dutch firm Ploeger is a new kid on the three-wheeler block. The AT4103 is the manufacturer’s first slurry machine and we were lucky enough to catch up with the newcomer ahead of its Agritechnica launch

Malone Tedd-Air 840 tedder:

Getting hooked

Investing in more factory space, including a new painting area, has allowed Malone to expand its product offering and enter the tedder market. Following the Irish mantra of not skimping on metal, the Tedd-Air 570 and 840 have a lot more going on than a beefy appearance

Livestock equipment

Dealing with sand:

Tackling slurry worries

Sand and machinery are a potentially abrasive and expensive combination, but the right handling and spreading equipment can help farmers take advantage of sand bedding systems

Used machinery

Lemken Karat 9 stubble cultivators:

Karat 9 gold, or one to avoid?

As is the case with so many items of cultivation equipment, a used buy’s specification and description can be confusing. This certainly applies to Lemken Karat 9 stubble cultivators, these versatile tools offering a specification choice that can initially seem baffling. Should the ‘wrong spec’ put you off considering one as a used buy?

Machine management

Adapting to change:

Gearing up for change

With the decline of dairy farms in Bedfordshire, RF Lane has had to adapt to the changing landscape. Arable and municipal work have become important parts of the evolving business


AGCO Ideal combine:

Game changer

AGCO is putting its money where its mouth is, spending over US$400 million on a new three-model range of combines designed to secure a larger share of the global market. We take a closer look at the details

Under the hammer

Hintlesham Hall Farms:

Fresh kit and strong prices

Fresh machinery was the highlight of the dispersal at Hintlesham Hall Farms where the majority of kit was only a few years old. With many seeking tackle to go straight to work, bargains were rare