Tractor test

Tractor test: Claas Axion 950

Top of the Claas

Capable of thumping out a claimed 306kW/416hp/411PS (97/68 EC), the Axion 950 is currently the world’s most powerful con-ventional tractor on offer from a mainstream maker — or it was when we tested it earlier this year. Yet this mighty workhorse is not exclusively all about engine ratings; in our test it also delivered the highest ever drawbar power figure from a wheeled tractor

Practical test

Köckerling Ultima CS 300 universal drill

No discs here, please

Köckerling has built its reputation on tine coulter drills, and the Ultima CS — introduced in 2011 — sticks with that tradition. Last autumn we spent time in the field with one of the firm’s air seeders

Driving impression

Claydon Twin Tine coulter

Wet weather challenge

Dealing with wet seedbeds is tricky enough. But add in heavy sticky clay, and the challenge becomes a whole lot tougher. It’s conditions such as these that prompted Suffolk-based Claydon to come up with an alternative coulter using a pair of offset tines for its Hybrid drill range

McHale C460 feeder/bedder

Spread or drop

Wanting to keep its manufacturing wheels turning all year round, McHale decided to develop a feeder/bedder to complement its long-established range of wrappers and balers. And to keep things simple there’s just the one model, the C460. We take a closer look

A step(less) forward

Case IH Maxxum CVX

Long anticipated, Case IH’s stepless-box Maxxum finally took a bow at this year’s SIMA show. We take a tour around one of the first examples

Livestock equipment

The importance of lime applications

A dash of lime

Despite a soil’s pH level being recognised as a key ingredient in its health, many growers choose to ignore the value of regular checks — to ensure optimum pH levels are maintained. Andy Collings reports

Used machinery

Kuhn Axis 30.1 and 40.1 fertiliser spreaders

French dressing

Kuhn Axis fertiliser spreaders — Rauch in Eire — were first offered from December 2005 in basic 30.1 D and electric variable-rate 30.1 Quantron E ‘QE’ versions. James de Havilland takes a look at the 30.1 D and 30.1 QE, along with the 40.1 W weigh cell spreaders, and outlines key developments/pointers to consider when picking a used buy


From the workshop

Simple solutions to perennial problems

Inspiration for invention takes so many different forms. It might come from a visit to a machinery show such as Agritechnica or LAMMA. Or from a chat with a neighbour. Or maybe even from a glance at our ‘Simple solutions’ pages. Ultimately, the source of the ideas is immaterial, just as long as it doesn’t dry up. So, dear friends, read on….

Machine management

Keeping it diverse

Adapt and survive

As farmers look to justify their own machines by trying to take on more land and new operators chance their collective arm with cheap introductory rates, established players come under increasing pressure to maintain their margins. Kehoe Farming is all too familiar with this scenario and is looking at more diverse ways of keeping its business wheels turning, as Mervyn Bailey finds out

Around the world

Deere news Down Under/ South African tractors head to Zambia/ Changing speeds/ Tracking the trend


UK contractor charges

This is the National Association of Agric.Contractors’ charge guide, based on info supplied by its members this spring. The figures are ONLY A GUIDE and assume a red diesel price of 70p/litre. Prices will vary according to UK region, size of job, type of equipment used etc


Hydrostatic vs torque converter transmissions

Talking the torque

Continuing the search to find out what goes on between the engine and wheels of an agricultural materials handler, Andrew Pearce investigates torque converter-based transmissions. Terry Evans, Engineering Manager for Caterpillar’s Turner Powertrain Systems, shows the way

Tomorrow’s combine today?

Tribine combine

It’s big, it’s very unusual and it’s out there now. We get a glimpse of a possible future, seen through North American eyes…


Ford Kuga vs Toyota RAV-4 family SUVs

Size isn’t everything

A mid-sized SUV (sports utility vehicle) makes relatively affordable transport for the family and around the farm. Here Andrew Pearce pitches Toyota’s RAV-4 against Ford’s just-revamped Kuga