Triple mower market round-up: Three is the magic number

With the average horsepower on farms on the increase and the popularity of front ptos, triple mower combinations are becoming the tool of choice for quickly knocking down large areas of grass to improve wilt times. We round up all the plain mower and mower conditioner models currently on offer in the UK and Ireland

Traditionally a tool for the contractor or larger farm, triple mower combinations maximise mowing output and provide a good match for high capacity balers or foragers. These power-hungry beasts are matched by the increasing horsepower in use in the grassland sector with 200hp plus tractors that are lighter, more agile and thus suited to the terrain and landscape, now widely available. John Deere’s marketing manager, Chris Wiltshire comments: “This has allowed the forward speed of mowing to increase, boosting productivity. Tractors such as the John Deere 6250R are ideally suited to a contractor looking to power a triple mower combination.”