10.0m Terradisc on sale in the UK

Previewed at Agritechnica nearly a year ago, Pottinger’s Terradisc 8001T (8.0m) and 10001T (10.0) trailed compact disc cultivators are now on sale in the UK for spring 2019 deliveries.

by Steven Vale

22 Oct 2018

The widest models in the range, most of the interest for the pre-production version of the 10.0m model demoed by Alois Pottinger UK this season has been post-harvest to create a shallow stale seedbed at speed (up to 18km/hr).

With a power requirement of at least 350hp, the 10001T is expected to be the most popular in the UK. It costs £96,366 when fitted with a 550mm steel pack ring roller.

Price of the Terradisc 8001T, which requires a tractor in the region of 270hp, start from £73,452 (includes the same 550mm steel pack ring roller).

Both machines fold to a transport height and width of 4.0m and 3.0m respectively, and are available with air or hydraulic brakes, ISObus compatible control system and load sensing hydraulics.