A 20,000-litre tri-axle trailed sprayer is the latest addition to the Dammann Tridem range. This has the same spraying hardware as the firm’s previous largest trailed offering, the tandem axle, 14,000-litre model.

The track width on the new trailed sprayer is adjustable from 2.15m to 2.25m and rated to travel at 50km/hr. The tri-axle Tridem also coincides with the introduction of a new three-section fold boom spanning up to 48m (previously 42m was the max).

There is also a new section rate control system which does just that, you can alter the rate per section. So if you want to apply a higher rate on the outer end of the boom next to the field boundary you don’t need to apply this across the full working width. This is done by the operator manually selecting the section.

Another new feature is the Green Smart-Spraying which uses the camera system developed by Bosch and BASF. The cameras look 5-6m ahead of the boom and then automatically spot spray any weeds. Each camera has its own light to meet the required amount of illumination to identify green weeds in a green crop. Max boom width for the system is 36m.

The new 20,000-litre trailed Tridem will be on the Dammann stand at Agritechnica.

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