The 32m³ Triotrac X2 3200 is the largest self-propelled mixer wagon to date from Dutch manufacturer Trioliet. There is also a ‘smaller’ model in the X range; the 28m³ X2 2800.

Power to both is from a six-pot FPT (270hp) Stage V motor and the powershift transmission provides two speed ranges: 0-20km/hr around the farm and up to 40km/hr on the road.

Claimed to offer the highest loading capacity on the market, the 1.85m-wide milling head on the X2 3200 reaches to a maximum cutting height of 8.2m (6.0m on the X2 2800).

While the length of both twin vertical auger models exceeds 11m, the width is below 3.0m. The tyres on the four-wheeled X2 2800 are all 445/65 R 22.5s. This same size is also fitted to the X2 3200, which gains a third (lifting) axle to help spread the weight. This model provides both 4wd and 6wd.

The standard spec includes joystick operation with programmable load and discharge modes, reversing camera, cruise control and height adjustable cab. Automatic lubrication, auger magnets, extra side discharge doors and a rear straw blower are all optional.

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