Eight months after launching the new generation 7R Series tractors at Agritechnica, John Deere has completed the six-pot Gen2 range with a 350hp (rated power) range topper that develops up to 388hp with Intelligent Power Management.

Providing more grunt than the previous 7R330 (330hp/373hp) top model unveiled at the German show, the 7R350 comes as standard with the stepless AutoPowr transmission. With a minimum shipping weight of 11.4t, it has a power to weight ratio of 29kg/HP (7R330 30kg/HP).

Upgrades common to all 7R Gen2 models (7R250 (250hp/290hp), 7R270 (270hp/305hp), 7T290 (290hp/319hp), 7R310 (310hp/352hp) and 7R330 (330hp/373hp) previewed at the German show last November include a new and larger cab.

This features a wider entry, lower placed door handles and a self-cancelling indicator. The capacity of the integrated fridge has doubled to 11 litres, there is a touchscreen radio and the tractors come with a 60% more efficient 360° LED lighting system. Cooling and heating capacity has nearly doubled, and locating the air conditioning system under the cab not only provides increased headroom but also helps to reduce noise levels.

The CommandPRO joystick is also new. First seen on the 6Rs, it is now optionally available on all new 7Rs with AutoPowr. New creature comforts include the availability of a state-of-the-art seat with perforated leather trim, heating, active air circulation, a two-zone massage function and various electric and pneumatic adjustable components and an improved Active Seat II suspension system.

The payload of all models equipped with a 40km/hr transmission and front axle brakes has been increased by 2.0t to match the maximum permissible weight of 18.0t (all 7Rs can now legally carry a 6.0t payload on the road).

The availability of IF650/60R34 (front) and up to IF900/60R42 (rear) tyres is also new, and the standard factory warranty on the latest 7Rs is now two years or 2,000 hours, the same as on the 8Rs and 9Rs.

The extended warranty will also be available for 8 and 9 Series RT and RX tracked tractors. “It gets even better because the undercarriage on RX models is now protected by a three-year or 3,000-hour warranty,” says European marketing manager for large tractors Simon Schowalter.

The enhanced ActiveCommand Steering 2 (also available on 8Rs in the future) is an electronic system that uses a gyroscope to sense any tractor yaw and automatically compensates drift to stay perfectly on track.

Using the CommandCentre operators can adjust various settings, such as the steering sensitivity and steering wheel resistance, and also on/off of the Variable Ratio Steering system. The automatic reduction to 3.1 lock-to-lock steering remains available for quick headland manoeuvres.

The latest MyOperations app makes it possible to import ISOXML boundary and documentation data from other displays and portals.