Amazone has added a 6.0m model to its trailed Precea precision air seeder range. The new width joins the 9.0m (9000-TCC) and 12m (12000-TCC) versions launched at Agritechnica.

The Precea 6000-TCC is available with a central seed delivery system supplied from an 850l hopper, or individual 70l hoppers on each seeding unit. 17l capacity micro-granular applicators are available to increase flexibility in smaller fields and 6.0m model can be specified with a 3,000l capacity fertiliser hopper.

The eight rows can be set to widths of 70cm, 75cm and 80cm. A 12-row version, with row widths of 45cm and 50cm, will also be available in the medium term for narrower row crops such as sugar beet and OSR.

Seeding is taken care of by the PreTeC mulch coulter with over-pressure singulation, which Amazone says provides good results even when working at speeds of up to 15km/hr.

Suitable for fitting behind a 150hp tractor, the low power requirement of the 6.0m model is due to the singling unit, singling disc and singling pressure chamber all turning as one. The electric singling system for each row is operated via the tractor electronics.

A telescopic axle adjusts the tyres to run between the seed rows and when fully retracted transport width is 3.0m. Other notable features include MultiSwitch for individual row shut-off for seed, fertiliser and micro-granules. The automatically controlled system prevents over- or under-sowing when working on headlands.

Options include individual row shut-off for fertiliser to prevent it from being applied twice when working on odd-shaped headlands and in field corners.

Trailed seeders for Precea range – Profi

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