Though still about three years off commercial availability, Zuidberg is already pushing the potential benefits of a new front pto system — its so-called CVT front pto.  The key benefit is that this new pto system is able to maintain a 1,000rpm output speed to the front-mounted implement, irrespective of what the tractor’s engine management system does to engine rpm within an engine speed band of 1,400-2,100rpm. So, for light load applications when the engine rpm drop to save on fuel, the front pto output remains at 1,000rpm; below 1,400rpm, the torque load becomes too high and the front pto automatically cuts out.  How is this capability achieved? Details are in short supply for now, but effectively there are two wheels within the pto gearbox that alter their angle to maintain the pto output speed independent of engine speed. Despite the system’s CVT tag, drive is 100% mechanical, says Zuidberg.