Agritechnica 2019 Preview: Lemken Koralin/Orion

Designed to work on stubbles and in cover crops, the Koralin comprises two rows of 510mm diameter discs and three rows of tines.

by Steven Vale

6 Nov 2019

Working at depths from 2cm to 10cm, the 35cm duck foot shares slice through organic remains.

Available in widths of 6.60m and 8.40m, a limited number of machines will be available next year. Wider widths will come in the future.

Lemken will also show the new Orion trailed sprayer. Available with tank volumes of 4,000, 5,000 or 6,000-litres and a 620-litre clean water tank, the Orion is available with aluminium booms from 24m to 39m.

Mechanical or pneumatic axle suspension is available, and the Orion folds to a transport width of 2.55m. The first of the new sprayers will be available next summer.