Agritechnica 2019: Steyr Konzept

Now pushed to the forefront as the premium brand in the CNH Industrial tractor family, Steyr was tasked with showing the potential tractor of the future. Definitely one of the Agritechnica show stoppers the Konzept utilises a diesel electric hybrid from sister company FPT to supply power to the individual wheel motors with up to 250kW of peak power available.

by Mervyn Bailey

12 Nov 2019

Selin Tur, head of FPT electrified powertrain points out that the modular construction means the four-cylinder diesel could be swapped out for an alternative power source if one became available. She adds that from her time involved with Formula E, that having the wheel motors networked means there is improved traction delivery as each wheel can be independently powered and also used to recover energy such as when travelling downhill, this power can then be stored in the battery located under the cab. The battery can also be recharged from the mains.

A torque boost can also be summoned from the on-board battery pack. The pto and hydraulics can be driven electrically and there are also 700V and 48V connections for electrically powered implements. By mounting the engine lower down, steering angles are improved.

The tractor can work in conjunction with a drone to get real-time data on soil and crop conditions. A heads-up display keeps the operator informed. Not only does the cab door up electrically, but the steps swing out the and seat swivels to greet you.