The new range of McCormick X8 tractors on the Argo Tractors stand at Agritechnica this week is the culmination of one of the most intensive new product investment programmes undertaken by any of the world’s tractor manufacturers. That is the message from corporate business director Simeone Morra of Argo Tractors. Speaking at the official launch of the X8, Mr Morra said two years ago the company presented a new product strategy to renew the entire McCormick range. “We have delivered our plan with the X4, X5, X6 and X7 families from 64hp to 212hp, and now also the X8 Series – the flagship of our new line-up of modern tractors.” This programme represents an investment of €75 million in R&D over three years – 5.5% of the company’s turnover. “This demonstrates the commitment of the Morra family as owners and the company as a whole to the Argo Tractors enterprise.” The company sells its tractors to more than 100 countries around the world, but in terms of volumes Mr Morra describes the current market as ‘not sparkling’. “The best answer we can give is a consistent product strategy. The X8 is an important step, and we are committed to the future and have business strategy in place.” Mr Morra says Argo Tractors will continue on a consistent path of product development to ensure it has a tractor range that delivers the best operating efficiency and performance for its customers. With the top end of the market now covered with the X8, the focus now is at the lower end of the power scale. “The next big challenge for us for the next 24 months is to develop a completely new range of specialist tractors.”