The actual mower is not on the stand, but Polish manufacturer SaMASZ is the proud world record holder for the largest area of grass mowed by a triple-disc mower in eight hours of 96.2ha (237 acres). Verified by Guinness World Record officials, the record was set by a Deutz-Fahr 7250 TTV fitted with a MegaCUT 941 (9m). Staged on 140ha near Bialystok (north-east of Warsaw), the average speed of the tractor during the 8 hours was 17.9km/hr, and the average output was 16.83ha/hr. The Polish company is the first to establish a world record in this category. It remains to be seen just how long it will stand because we understand at least one other mower manufacturer plans to have a go at breaking it next year. SaMASZ makes around 7,000 grass machines (mowers, tedders, rakes and mixer wagons) a year. The brand is imported to the UK by Weaving Machinery and Ireland by Egmont Agri.