Challenger will show the 2016 version of one of its MT800E tracked tractors. Sharing its styling with the MT700E launched in 2013, the new one-piece hood design for the MT800E and wheeled and articulated MT900E provides additional working lights in the front grill. The hood improves natural airflow around the engine compartment allowing the engine to run cooler, and when raised, there is full access to the radiators, batteries, engine sides and air filter. In the engine department the 16.8-litre 12cyl AGCO Power engine now features Hydraulic Valve Lifters (HVL). Previously solid lifters required scheduled adjustments to maintain a small clearance between the valve lifter and the rocker arm that opens the cylinder valves. The HVL maintain zero tappet clearance while the engine’s operating temperature changes and does not leave valves open or closed. Benefits include improved fuel consumption, extended valve train life with less noise and clatter, less wear on the camshaft and cam follower and less maintenance. Inside the cab there is a new heating, venting and air-conditioning system, and the 800E is now available with a full LED lighting package.