Deutz-Fahr reckons that many on-farm accidents are due to the reduced visibility of today’s increasingly large tractors. In Germany alone, 42 of the 2,065 accidents registered during 2014 resulted in fatalities. With this scary statistic in mind, at Agritechnica the company will show a camera safety device designed to eliminate ‘blind spots’ at the front of a tractor and sides and significantly decrease the risk of visibility induced accidents. Called Driver Extended Eyes, the technique comes from the automotive sector, but Deutz-Fahr reckons to be the first to introduce it on a tractor. Awarded one of the show’s silver medals, the system uses three cameras. One is integrated into the front of the bonnet, while the other two are on the front left and right sides. Images from all three cameras are transferred to the cab. The two side-mounted cameras are used when approaching a road junction with reduced visibility where drivers often have to creep out to get a better view. The DEE system enables drivers to see a field of vision 180 degrees to the left and to the right. As well as the safety advantages, the front camera will come in handy when attaching implements to the front linkage. Ready for production sometime 2016, the option will initially be available on 7 and 9 series tractors.