Up until two months ago, Case IH Quadtrac owners had just two source options when it came to replacing their worn-out tracks — Camso and ContiTech. Now they have a third: Soucy. Launched at the Farm Progress Show in Illinois, the Soucy replacement track is available in two widths — 30in and 36in — and is made up of four layers of fabric and one of 5.2mm diameter cable, with rubber compound all around and in between the various layers. Interestingly the cables are wrapped in opposite directions to prevent them from unwinding, and it is these cables that are said to give the tracks their strength and to maintain their alignment. The Soucy track option is priced on par with its two rivals, although the Canadian company reckons to have the edge when it comes to its warranty — 3,000hrs vs 2,000hrs or 60 months vs 48 months.