Increased road comfort, less field compaction, good self-cleaning in even the heaviest clay soils and improved traction are just some of the claims for the Alliance 363 VF (high flexion technology) row crop tyre.

Providing up to 40% higher load carrying capacity for the same inflation pressure as standard rubber, the Alliance Tyre Group says the narrow tread pattern maintains the drive comfort of a flotation tyre. Good rolling performance on soft land without sinking is said to significantly reduce fuel costs, and the company reckons the lug design ensures grip and drive stability, while the steel belted carcass structure ensures uniform ground pressure distribution and extended tread life.

Ideally suited for heavy and fast running row crop tractors and trailed and self-propelled sprayers at speeds up to 65km/hr, the 363 is available in popular sizes of VF 270/95R48, VF 230/95R48, VF 270/95R54, VF 380/90R46.