Amazone has added a new 2,600-litre capacity fertiliser spreader to its ZA-V range. Bringing the total number of models to seven (1,700 to 4,200lit), the overall total width of just 2.58m for the ZA-V 2600 ensures it does not protrude beyond the tractor. Nevertheless the hopper maintains a large filling width of 2.22m, so that it can still easily be filled via a front-end loader. Fitted onto the 700-litre base hopper, the one-piece hopper extension is characterised by smooth inner walls, with sight glass windows on the front and rear sides. Internal steps on both the left and right hand side provide for the safe climbing in and out of the hopper extension, and a ladder is provided as standard to ensure safe access from the outside of the hopper. The hopper capacity of five existing models of the ZA-V range can now be subsequently increased with the aid of new bolt-on hopper extensions. The additional volume of the bolt-on extension suitable for the narrow S-extensions as found on the ZA-V 1700 and 2000 models is 600 litres whereas for the wider L-extensions such as the ZA-V 2200, 2700 and 3200 models it is 800 litres. And also on these hopper extensions, the roll-over hopper cover can be fitted.