Amazone calibration - mats not boxes

Irish Amzone distributor Farmhand is currently touring the country with a ZG-TS10001 ProfisPro trailed fertiliser spreader as it looks to wrestle some market share from Bredal.

by Mervyn Bailey

3 Apr 2020

While speaking to the demo team, they were keen to highlight the new calibration mats, which replace the traditional trays, and work with a smartphone app.

On a 36m spreading width the trays are laid out at 6.0m intervals to one side of the tramline in groups of four and the spreader then passes by.

Using the app, the operator then takes an image of each mat. The colour purple not only makes the mats easy to find in a crop but also allows the camera to pick out the fertiliser granules. The profile of the bristles is also said to be key to stopping the fertiliser bouncing off.

Once all 12 mats are scanned you get the totals which the app uses to come up recommended settings. While these settings are currently manually inputted into the control box, in the future a Bluetooth connection will allow the app to automatically update the spreader.