News has reached us from Germany that Amazone has delivered the 10,000th UX series sprayer, and it is fitting that the milestone machine is the flagship in the range.

Supplied by distribution partner Agravis Technik Heide-Altmark, the proud owner of the Jubilee 11,200-litre tandem axle UX 11200 farms around 900ha of mainly cereals and OSR in the Lower Saxony region.

Available in tank capacities from 3,200 to 11,200 litres, and with spray booms from 18 to 40m, the UX is Amazone’s most popular sprayer. Apparently, if you were to join the spray booms of all 10,000 machines sold so far, they would span 280km, which as the crow flies, is roughly the distance between Hannover and Berlin.