Described as a high performance and attractively priced model, the Cataya 3000 (3.0m) Special EcoLine rounds off the lower end of the Amazone harrow-mounted seed drill range.

Succeeding the long-standing AD 3000 Super, the last off which left the production line at the end of 2023, the large opening of the 650l seed hopper on the new Cataya 3000 Special EcoLine is said to provide quick and loss-free filling.

There are 24 maintenance-free RoTeC single disc coulters, row spacing is 12.5cm, and the Control 10 depth guidance disc or the Control 25 depth guidance roller prevents soil from sticking to the seeding discs. The Exact harrow is said to ensure blockage-free operation even in large volumes of surface trash.

As well as changing tramline widths, the AmaLog+ terminal also provides field and total area hectare meters, fill level control and speed monitoring of the mechanical drive. Rear lights are standard.

Calibration is controlled via the SmartCenter. Located on the left-hand side of the machine, the metering unit is pre-selected via a handle which adjusts the bottom flap to the various seed types and rates.

A second lever allows the operator to set the machine to calibration or drilling modes. This adjusts a flap in the metering unit which conveys the seed either to the coulters or to the two calibration trays. The calibration kit is completed by a folding bucket and weigh scales with an illuminated digital display. Both are stored under the hopper lid when not in use.

The new Precis metering system is said to result in reduced set-up times, and the shutter slides, with two locking positions, facilitate changing between different seed types. The new integrated outlet funnels are said to prevent bridging between the outlets and simplify hopper cleaning. The seed shaft is driven mechanically via the land wheel drive.

The QuickLink quick release coupling system allows the drill to be combined with the KE Rotamix rotary harrow or the KX and KG Cultimix rotary cultivators without tools.

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