Amazone’s UX trailed and Pantera self-propelled sprayers are now available with electric AmaSelect individual nozzle control with 50cm part-width sections. Used in combination with the automatic GPS-Switch headland and part-width SectionControl, which enables spray agent savings of approximately 5%, AmaSelect individual nozzle control allows overlapping to be further reduced. Depending on field size, Amazone reckons this can reduce crop chemical usage by another 5%. The AmaSelect system comprises a four-fold nozzle carrier that uses both electric switching over and switching off of the nozzles. When the optimum pressure range for each nozzle type has been entered into the ISOBUS terminal, AmaSelect selects the best nozzle or nozzles depending on application rate and forward speed. When the optimum pressure range of a nozzle is reached, the system can be instructed to automatically switch to a smaller or larger nozzle or even activate a second nozzle. The driver can also switch over between the four nozzles via the operator terminal. LED individual nozzle lighting and the DUS pro high pressure recirculation system are included as standard with AmaSelect. Optional equipment includes an intermediate kit to use the system at a real nozzle spacing of 25cm, when the target height can be reduced to below 50cm. This variant also allows the supplement of the option HighFlow for applications with high application rates by utilising double the outlets.