Amazone sells 250,000th seed drill

Amazone has sold a staggering quarter of a million seed drills since the launch of the first 2.0m-wide D1 in 1947.

by Steven Vale

25 Nov 2019

Since then, the company’s drill development can be summarised as a number of milestones, one of which includes the launch of the D4 drill and RE power harrow combination in 1966. Introduced in 1972, the D7 successor is claimed as one of the world’s best-selling seed drills. The 100,000th version, a D7/30ECN, was on display at the 1984 Royal Show.

Amazone has produced 250,000 drills since the first one was made in 1947. The 3.0m D4 was launched in 1964.

Amazone offered a tyre packer roller as an alternative to the cage or tooth packer roller on the 1988-launched RPD 301 DrillStar, which was followed by a wedge ring roller a decade later in 1998.

The 3.0m RPD DrillStar in 1988.

The first pneumatic drills added to the product range in 1995 combined a pneumatic front tyre packer seed tank with a rotary cultivator and a wheel packer. This was followed by the AD-P pneumatic harrow-mounted drill and more recently the Centaya, which employs an electrically-driven seed metering unit.

6.0m Cirrus 6003-2CC in 2019.

Numerous other model ranges have been added since, including the 2001-launched pneumatic Cirrus, which was available in working widths of 3.0m to 6.0m.

Launched in 2012, the Primera DMC had a working width of 12.0m.

The Primera DMC for direct, min till and conventional drilling is another recent highlight and the range of top-end drills has been further extended during the past 10 years with the Cayena and Condor, both of which are available in working widths up to 15.0m.