The new operating system, modified spray agent liquid circuit and operator station changes in the latest version of the Pantera  are designed to increase work rates of the self-propelled sprayer and reduce the operator’s work load.

Superseding the Pantera 4503, main updates on the 4504 include protecting the new SmartCenter and operator station behind a left side access cover where the new 60-litre induction bowl is also located.

With a total output capacity of 520l/min, repositioning the twin pumps over to the right-hand side reduces noise levels during the filling process.

The SmartCenter can be specified with the simple Comfort-Pack with a TwinTerminal 3.0 up to the Comfort-Pack Plus, which instead of operating taps comes with a pressure-sensitive touchscreen on the TwinTerminal 7.0.

With the desired function selected the sprayer adjusts itself automatically with functions such as the spray agent and fresh water tanks being filled to the required level. An automatic cleaning program can be started at the touch of a button.

Integrated in the armrest the new AmaDrive 7.0 vehicle terminal displays all machine-specific functions on the 7” touch screen colour display. The new in-house operating system software is displayed on either the 8” AmaTron 4 or 12.1” AmaPad 2 ISObus terminals.

The changes also include a more easily accessible position for the larger 290-litre fuel tank. The 20 litre AdBlue tank is located next to it.

The public launch of the Pantera 4504, which comes with ContourControl active boom guidance system and the SwingStop boom tip swing compensation, will be at next month’s Cereals Event.