Dutch manufacturer Vredo is well known for its self-propelled VT Tracs. It is less well known that the muck and slurry application specialist is testing an amphibious prototype.

Taking three years to develop, the waterlogged fields around the firm’s Dutch base are an ideal testing ground for what is called the VT Aqua 3.0.

Vredo marketing manager Erik Willems describes the development as a logical step. “The effects of climate change are becoming more frequent, and the agricultural sector is also feeling the effects of extreme rainfall,” he says. Mr Willems stresses that the way we apply muck and slurry has to change. “Waiting is not an option.”

The full details are under wraps, but we can confirm that the VT Aqua 3.0 (30m³ capacity) is a diesel-electric vehicle. The prototype can be seen in action at the firm´s HQ in Dodewaard (NL) tomorrow (Tuesday April 2). Everyone is welcome, is the message, but please let the company know in advance via email.

“The prototype is a first step,” comments Mr Willems, who adds that the company will continue to explore the possibilities. These include fertilizing and re-seeding seagrass.

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