Argo Tractors teams up with ITL

Argo Tractors (Landini and McCormick) has signed a strategic partnership with International Tractors Ltd (ITL), the Indian manufacturer of the Solis and Sonalika brands.

by Steven Vale

20 Dec 2018

Following the recently-announced joint ventures between Kubota and Escorts, and TAFE and Iseki, ITL will supply Argo Tractors with six Landini and McCormick-branded models from 45hp and 90hp, which we understand will be marketed exclusively in ‘low regulation countries’.

According to Argo Tractors president Valerio Morra, the agreement marks the beginning of a long-term global growth strategy. “The cooperation with ITL will allow us to add a family of basic tractors that are totally complementary to our product line-up to complete the product range in low regulation countries,” he said.

ITL makes tractors from 20-120hp and claims to be the 6th largest tractor manufacturer globally in terms of number of units. Last year, the Sonalika and Solis brands sold more than 100,000 tractors globally. With 2,000+ dealers, ITL not only makes tractors in India, but also has assembly facilities in Algeria, Brazil and Turkey.