Arion 400 climbs to 155hp

Claas has announced details of the fourth generation of Arion 400 tractors which sees them move to Stage V and the addition of a new, more powerful model.

by Mervyn Bailey

3 Mar 2021

There are now seven models in the Arion 400 line-up, which has proved to be the most popular range in the Claas tractor portfolio, in fact over 30,000 will have rolled off the Le Mans production line since the range was first introduced in 2010, by the end of this month.

The 470 is takes over from the 460 as the new top model and maxes out at 155hp when you include the power boost for transport and pto work (rated power without CPM is 145hp). This extra power feature is available on all models from the 440 and above. The smallest model in the range is the 90hp 410.

Still powered by an FPT 4.5-litre motor, the SCR and DPF unit are nestled under the exhaust stack so as not to empied visibility to the right. While all of the tractors have a turbo, the 430 and above get a wastegate. Compared to the models they will be replacing, there is an 8% improvement in torque.

In the transmission department not a lot has changed, with the choice of the 16x16 Quadrishift or 24x24 Hexashift on the slightly longer wheelbase 430 (2.53m) and up – the 410 and 420 have a 2.49m wheelbase. Shuttle controls are available on the armrest mounted controller and the brake to clutch function is carried over from the previous range. Top speed is 40km/hr but the gross vehicle weight has been increased by 500kg to 9.0t resulting in a 3.8t payload. As a side note the new 470 has a power to weight ratio of 34kg/hp.

As a good chunk of Arion 400s will be fitted with a loader from the factory, there is a new 150l/min hydraulic pump option, which from the online demonstration halved the time it took to fully lift a loader to full height. The responsiveness of the in-cab cross controlled can also be programmed now. And to wrap up the tractor’s loader credentials, there is still the option of the panoramic roof.

This latest generation of Arion 400 is expected to start production in June, with the first units arriving in the UK and Ireland until the Autumn.

Arion 400 Stage V line up

Arion 410 – 90hp

Arion 420 – 100hp

Arion 430 – 115hp

Arion 440 – 115hp with boost to 125hp

Arion 450 – 125hp with boost to 135hp

Arion 460 – 135hp with boost to 145hp

Arion 470 – 145hp with boost to 155hp