Auto height control for drip hose slurry boom

Samson Agro has developed an automatic height adjustment system for its SHB4 drip hose boom that continuously measures and corrects the distance to the ground.

by Steven Vale

5 Dec 2018

Similar to the technology found on a crop sprayer boom, an ultrasonic sensor mounted each side of the Danish firm’s new SHB4 36m drip hose boom, continuously measures the height of the frame to the ground. Ensuring that the hoses are always in contact with the surface, applying slurry in narrow strips with no splashing helps to reduce ammonia emissions, says the company.

Data from the sensors, which are located at a working width of 30m, is sent to the SlurryMaster 8000, which automatically controls and corrects the height of the right and left sides. It is also possible to switch off the automatic function and adjust the height via the screen and joystick.

Described as an indispensable tool for drip hose booms of the future, the company believes that the technology will make the operator’s life much easier and streamline slurry application. The new option is expected to be available sometime next year.