Autonomous fertiliser spreader in the making

Dot Technology, the Canadian manufacturer of the autonomous diesel-powered farm platform, has teamed up with New Leader Manufacturing to fit the vehicle with a fertiliser spreader.

by Steven Vale

2 Apr 2019

The details are limited but we understand that the custom spreader will be based on the North American firm’s NL5000 G5, which can spread material in up to 16 sections.

The four-wheeled Dot power platform concept is the brainchild of Norbert Beaujot, founder and president of Regina-based Canadian cultivation equipment maker SeedMaster Manufacturing.

Powered by a 173hp Cummins QSB4.5-litre Stage IV engine, the engine drives four hydrostatic pumps (one for each wheel) and the auxiliary hydraulic pump for implement operation provides 230lit/min.

Each wheel’s hydraulic motor powers the vehicle at infinitely variable speeds from 0-20km/hr. Each wheel has a rated capacity of 4.5t, and the 5.7t vehicle (empty weight) can support a 12t payload.

Designed to handle a large variety of farm implements, SeedMaster already provides a 9.0m air drill, and the mobile platform can also be fitted with an 18.0m sprayer (3,800-litre tank), 12.5m roller and a chaser bin.

Dot CEO Leah Olson-Friesen says that the company is keen to continue working with other implement manufacturers who are seeking to extend their products into autonomous farming.

“Our collaboration with companies like New Leader will broaden Dot’s value to farmers significantly, enabling them to spend more of their time focusing on the overall operation of their farms.”

Established in 2017, Dot Technology is located in Saskatchewan, Canada.