Autonomous/electric John Deere tractor prototype

John Deere is showing the prototype of an autonomous electric tractor at a dealer meeting in Valencia, Spain, this week.

by Steven Vale

24 Sep 2019

The company has shown numerous autonomous and electric tractor concepts in recent years, but this latest version is the most radical. The concept combines what resembles the front half of a rubber tracked tractor connected via an articulation point to a set of discs.

The tractor’s rear axle and cab have gone, and the implement appears to be carried on the rear wheels for transport. We assume that the discs can be swapped for other kit.

If you are planning to visit Agritechnica in November then you’re in luck because we understand that the concept vehicle will be on the John Deere stand.

All we can confirm at this stage is that the electric concept produces an output of 500kW (680hp). It remains to be seen whether the hood hides a large battery pack or a hydrogen fuel cell.

The picture was taken by French John Deere dealer group Terre Comtoise-Gauvain. More pictures: