Average tractor power continues to rise

The average power of tractors over 50hp registered in the UK last year was 166.6hp, up from 162.2hp in 2017, and for the first time since 2012, the total power sold topped two million horsepower.

by Steven Vale

28 Jan 2019

The growth in the UK tractor market was primarily at the top end of the power range, reports the AEA. Registrations of tractors above 201hp totalled 2,755 units, nearly 23% of the 12,102 (50hp+) new tractors registered in 2018.

A 30% increase on 2017’s 2,426 units (+201hp), the AEA says that more than 600 additional 180hp+ tractors (+18%) were registered last in the UK last year.

Below this power threshold, the number of machines declined, with most of the drop in the 140-180hp and under 100hp ranges. There was little change between 100 and 140hp.

The 140-180hp range performed well in 2017, which suggests the AEA, may explain some of the fall in 2018, although some changes in specification moving models from one side of the 180hp boundary to the other may also have contributed.

At regional level, the market was stronger in northern England than in the south, although the best performing region was the East Midlands, where nearly 200 extra tractors were registered (total 744 units). There were declines in the southern regions and East Anglia, as well as in Scotland. Wales and Northern Ireland saw increased registrations.

Overall 2018 new tractor registrations (50hp+) were up by less than 1%, compared with 2017.