AVR quick-change digging unit

A quick-change digging unit option is available on all two-row trailed harvesters for next season from Belgian potato equipment specialist AVR.

by Steven Vale

12 Sep 2019

The existing digging unit was modified to allow it to be easily removed without having to open the digging web or remove the shear holder. By loosening a few mechanical couplings and clamps, the complete digging unit frame and digging unit can be quickly removed, which then rests on support stands. The company says that the quick-change system allows easy swapping between other digging unit frames.

Other AVR news includes the option of row-independent planting on its trailed four-row Ceres 450. Each planting element is driven separately by a hydraulic motor. Speed sensors in the wheel, and in the four planting elements, ensure a correct measurement and feedback on speed and planting distance per row.

Also, new Ceres 450 planters are now available with the option of an ISObus link, which allows the planter to communicate with a GPS system via the ISObus protocol. The option, which includes the controller, wiring harness, software and licence, can also be retrofitted to existing Ceres 450s.